Friday, April 28, 2017

~My weekend...

  Today is Friday, which means it's the weekend. The weekend is what I look forward to all week long. This weekend I am probably not going to do much of anything. The one thing I know that I am going to do for sure is watch Netflix. I know this because I am not hanging out with anyone, and I don't have anything to do. I might go to my grandparents house because I haven't see them in a really long time, and I have nothing else to do. Usually my weekends consist of hanging out with friends and go places. This weekend though, I won't be going to any friends house. The main reason for that is because I go into some trouble and I can't do anything until next week.

  Something I would like to do is go to the movies with a few friends, but I doesn't look like that will be in my near future. I forgot to mention something that I will be doing, but not by free choice. Tomorrow morning I have to go  gymnastics. I don't really want to go because I have to wake up at 6:15 in order to be ready to go in time. Getting up at 6:15 on the weekend is terrible, which is why I don't want to go. Another reason I don't want to go is because I have track practice all week long, and by the weekend I just want a break, but I don't get one. I mean I love gymnastics, but when it gets in the way of the weekend ... not so much.

  All in all, my weekend looks pretty boring to me. I am glad that we get a break from school, but my house is boring and I have nothing to do. Saying that, I would rather be at my house than at school. Schools okay but when I have another option I will gladly take it. I can endure getting up at 6:15 if it means I won't be going to school, but if I am going to school ... probably not.    I can't wait for the weekend even though I won't be doing much of anything. I hope your weekend is better / more interesting than mine. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017


  One thing that I enjoy doing is listening to music. One of my favorite songs at the moment is Words by Daya. I like a lot of Daya's music because of the message she puts out through it. She really knows how to show her emotion, and make you feel how she does when you listen to her music. I think listening to music helps me calm down and relax if I have had a really stressful day.

  I also like to listen to the band Twenty One Pilots. Although these two singers are very different, I enjoy listening to them both all the time. I love listening to Twenty One Pilots because I can relate to their songs on a personal level. Their songs have various topics, but I enjoy listening to each and every one of their songs because they all make me happy .

Thursday, January 5, 2017


   There are many sports around the world that people take part in. The sport that I choose is gymnastics, which I have been in for about six years.My love of gymnastics came from Gabby Douglas, and all I remember thinking when I  saw her do gymnastics is: I want to be just like her.    My favorite event to do is uneven bars (which just happens to be her best event).The reasoning for this is it just comes easily to me.I do admit that I have my hard days, but on this event I just push myself harder and harder.

  My goal in gymnastics is to be on full varsity by 8th grade.At the moment I am on varsity, but only for certain meets.   Saying that, I am still proud of myself considering I am only in 7th grade.I can tell you that I am way better than I was last year!I can tell that I have improved because last year I was barely able to place, but now I am placing in the top scores.I have also heard from many of my family members that they are very proud of me which pushes me to improve.

  Starting my 7th grade gymnastics year great, has really shown me what I can do.I know i'm doing good, but I aspire to be better which I can only get by putting in my full effort. I know how to get my goal and plan on pushing myself harder to get it!

Sunday, December 4, 2016


 Gymnastics is my favorite thing to do. I started gymnastics when I was in 2nd grade, and have loved it ever since. My inspiration to do gymnastics came from Gabby Douglas. I was inspired by her because in 2012 (when she won all around gold) it really made me want to do gymnastics. This year she went to the Olympics again, but didn't win the gold.

 When I get older I do want to go to the Olympics, but that is just a dream of mine. I think through very hard work and determination, I could get there. I also know that almost all gymnasts want to go to the Olympics and only a few of them get there. The biggest thing I want to get out of gymnastics is a scholar ship for college. I know that I am capable of it and know that I can get one if I try really, really hard. Most of all though, I do gymnastics because it is what I love to do.

Monday, November 21, 2016

My 3 day Netflix obsession!

    My weekend started at 12:00 Friday afternoon.Most of the time my days start at like 6:00 but my day started later because we had a snow day.I was told at 5:30 that morning that we didn't have school and I already knew what i=I was going to do with my weekend.Watch Netflix:) The show I started of with is Pretty Little Liars.This show is literally my life!!

  While I watched  Netflix i had my volume really loud so that i could't here anything around me.I like to watch Netflix like this so that i can't here when my parents call me or when my sisters argue.The thing is I did this all weekend and it probably wasn't healthy.While doing this I also watched like 10 movies and didn't really do much else.To a lot of people my kind of weekend sounds boring to them but to me it is AWESOME<3


Thursday, October 27, 2016


~ Today I will be writing about the Global Read Aloud.After reading the first sentence you probably don't want to go on.I will try and make it as creative as i can so that you will want to read it.:)The Global Read Aloud is where your teacher picks a book to read out loud to your class over a 6 week period, and while doing this you connect with people around the world.

In my reading class we are reading a book called Orbiting Jupiter. This book is about an 8th grade boy who has a child with a girl, and has to go to a juvenile prison for "rape".When he finally gets out and is adopted, he moves in with a family and is now trying to find his daughter.When I say he went to prison for rape, he didn't really rape her.The reason he was sent for that is because her parents believe that he raped her.

We are reading this book along with a class in Canada.After about 2 weeks we connect with them through skipe. When we connect with them we talk about the book, and the difference between where we live and where they live. ~

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

~Homecoming Days~

         Here in my home town,we dress up during our homecoming week.I enjoy doing this because it is fun to see what other people will wear, and to sow people what your are wearing.For example the 5 days we have in middle school are- sports day,gender bender day,tropical day,hobo day, and maroon and gold day.My favorite day out of these days is maroon and gold day because that is the day of our football game and everyone is in our colors to support our team.:)

       For sports day most people wear the jersey from one of the people on there favorite team.Most people in my school wore vikings jerseys, which i personally think they are not that good.I wore a broncos jersey and i'm pretty sure i was the only one wearing one.

      Have a nice day!!;)